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6XL Trainer App by V1chy 6XL Trainer App by V1chy
EDIT 28/12/12
New pokemon art, updated info on everyone, and added R.M and his info.

New app art! Placeholder art that is. Brent doesn't look like a basement king: dropped a bit of weight on him and fleshed his skin tone out a bit so he wouldn't look like a night lord either. Added Goober the Omanyte as well.

After R1 Edits:
-Tegu lost his gloves and dead skin. He is using Mareep Wool and the charred remains of his pants.
-Nokrim gained a nice scarf to support Tegu
-Brent is a bit happier that he won and qualified. However he is very wary of strangers.

I've decided to swap out my NPC for my main character. Looking at my notes on Clarisse that I did a bit ago, she doesn't seem the type to fully go through with a competition. Not only that but a story for her wouldn't come easily save for one sure fire one. Brent on the other hand has more story potential and a far greater chance at character development. So here's Brent's app with some edited information that I accidentally left out in his NPC app and his team which I spliced heavily. Hold on to your asses for Vichy's realistic Pokemon characters!


Name: Brent F. Schiavo
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 279 lbs
Personality: Secretive, depressing, antisocial...just three words that describe Brent. Before this current reclusive personality took over Brent was extremely outgoing, nice yet brash and loud. But time has a habit of changing people and in the last 6 and a half years, Brent has desperately tried keeping a low profile. Moving every so many years to stay away from people. He is extremely silent and dislikes leaving the place where he lives which has in turn given him an extremely pale complexion and a very fatigued look on his face. He is withdrawn, choosing heavily to talk to only family members and close friends rather than strangers. Brent is paranoid and always binds himself in heavily clothing to hide every tattoo on his body, including those on his neck. He is a fairly intelligent man, something he tells himself that isn't negative and quite possibly the only thing that he claims that's positive. Although Clarisse says otherwise about him; how he's charming, very kind to the Pokemon he brings in and takes, how he's extremely talented, he doesn't listen to that. He remains a depressed person, still haunted by the last 6 1/2 years of his life.
History: (There is no such thing as brief for me)
Brent was born in Striaton City as the oldest of his two brothers Maurice and Brann. As a child growing up in a fine art based family (his mother and father both played an extensive collection of instruments) he and his middle brother Brann both dabbled at early ages in instruments and even choir work. Out of both of them, Brent never went to a school to harness his talents and merely relied on sparse practice and goofing around with local friends as his musical school. His fooling around and even short gigs at parties and high school events soon got him discovered by a 4 man band in Iccirus City. With many phone calls and letters, Brent flew 'on his own accord' to Iccirus to meet up with the group. One short audition and his role was set in stone for a band named Leaving Castelia.

The band grew slowly in popularity for the first 2 years until a breakaway hit skyrocketed them to stardom. Brent ended up on top as the face of the band which only made his popularity grow as well as his brash way of things. It only took 18 months before he started dropping down the morality ladder. While his love for tattoos (which he loved to show off) wasn't bad, his substance abuse was. While on an all time high with substance abuse he met Clarisse through his lead guitarist who happened to be a childhood friend and a huge fan of the group. The both started going steady and with her help his substance abuse ended up kicking the curb...temporarily. But as he started shaping back up and getting his life back together he was unanimously kicked from the band.

To add insult to a very sudden injury, the lead guitarist had stolen a song he wrote and with a few very obvious minor edits had turned it into a top 20 hit without him. A very angry 23 year old Brent not only found out rather fast, he sued the band (mostly the lead guitarist but it turned into a global affair) for theft and larceny. The band counter sued him however with 14 counts of assaults, 6 counts of grand theft, and 6 counts of combined vandalism and public nudity.
With ongoing court costs of over 100,000 Poke-yen and 6 years of on and off court dates and trials, Brent eventually won the case due to all the counts being brought up against his person being 'old news' and that he'd already done his time. Even though Brent won and gained a cash settlement of over 11.3 million Poke-yen, his song given full credit to him and the original lyrics changed the mental and emotional damage was done. Brent had gone back to substance abuse during the trials and had really let himself go. He was diagnosed with severe depression and constantly on anti depressants three years into the trials. He constantly went to court either destroyed or in an aftermath.

After all the court costs were paid and the trials over, both Brent and Clarisse moved constantly from region to region, Brent growing more and more worse until they eventually moved to a region they assumed no one would find them: Saros. Living with insane money (2% already gone to feed Brent's medication and drug problems) both set up shop in Lochesh. Buying a moderately decent house outside of Velia Harbor, both Brent and Charisse reside a very low profile life but Brent continues to avoid large crowds, people, and just plain doesn't leave the house until Charisse signed him up for the Trainer school just to force him to get to know people and get out of the house.

As of Round 2 (important):
Brent has been in and out of the doctors in the last 2 1/2 weeks (counting the time between I finished my round and now) for severe anxiety attacks. He shows little, if any, signs of leaving his house. If he must he asks Shinbo (the Sigilyph) to take him there. He goes for classes and once they are over he keeps his profile low to dirt. People still stick around from time to time to catch him (useless NPCs/ red shirts). Clarisse is annoyed with him and Brann is brooding back in Corus. So far, Brent's mindset is semi solid about continuing in the tourny. But Clarisse won't have anything opposite of that. Both are selfish but only one person has the "correct" view.

-Like stated, Brent adored tattoos in his hayday. The tattoos in the extra section are not the only ones he has. He has a tribal Kyurem, reshiram and Zekrom from his upper to mid back, a tribal Exploud on his mid back, His name on the back of his neck and the words 'Leaving Castelia' on his lower back.

-Brent takes in Pokemon who don't have a home, are given to him, or if he finds them. Charisse doesn't mmind and infact allows him to take in as many as he can handle as they cheer him up.

-Brent has had some battle practice but he relies on predictions and insight rather than brash thinking and reckless actions.

-Brent is extremely paranoid and has gone to great lengths to hide who he is other than changing his name and hair color. He hides his tattoos urgently and allows no one to get close. His current mental mind cannot handle another surge or popularity, much less fans.

-Brent smokes cigars and is a problem drinker. Due to swapping locations, he has been forced to kick his substance abuse cold turkey.

-Brent loves all the Pokemon he takes in and tries to provide an excellent living place for them.

-He plans to marry Charisse one day. He even has the engagement ring hidden very carefully. Only Nokrim knows where it is.



Name: Tegu
Species: Scrafty
Gender: Male
Nature: Lax
Characteristic: Good Endurance
Ability: Shed Skin: There is a 30% chance at the end of each turn that Shed Skin will cure the user of a non-volatile status ailment. If the user is burned or poisoned, Shed Skin will cure the user before any burn or poison damage is dealt.
-Dragon Dance
-Drain Punch
-Focus Punch (LEARNING. Only has 3 moves in technicalities)
Miscellaneous: Tegu was acquired by Brent via a trade. The person traded both his competitive Scrafty and Bisharp for Brent's Serperior and shiny Lampent. Tegu is very calm for a Scrafty and loves to sleep and eat along with Brent and his Banette. However he will never turn down a battle no matter how uneven or onesided. He harbors an admiration for Brent and listens to him all the time as he loves staying in the home with him.

As of Round 2, Tegu has been training with his Bisharp friend Roranok. He's learning a new move but is light years away from mastering it.


Name: Broclops
Species: Dusclops
Gender: Male
Nature: Calm
Characteristic: Likes to relax
Ability: Pressure: Increases foes' PP usage by one
-Seismic Toss
Miscellaneous: Broclops was 'generously' given to Brent by his brother Maurice due to growing unrest from the pokemon's good nature. Brent since then has taken a liking to Broclops and has gave him the name the first night. Broclops is a sweet pokemon who also loves to eat and relax. He's nice to everyone and tries to make people happy with dances or tricks. He has especially taken a liking to Nokrim.

As of Round 2, Broclops is about the same, nothing lost or gained.


Name: Nokrim
Species: Sableye (shiny)
Gender: Female
Nature: Gentle
Characteristic: Highly Curious
Ability: Keen Eye: Prevents loss of Accuracy
-Shadow Sneak
-HP: Ice
Miscellaneous: Nokrim is Brent's first pokemon. Found abandoned in Hoenn during a big tour by a stressed out Brent. A very shy pokemon, she soon warmed up to Brent as she followed him and his band around the region. Nokrim is also a very nice pokemon with a curious streak. She's Brent's favorite and he keeps her around at all times. At times she is indeed babied by him but Clarisse thinks it is very cute.

As of Round 2, Nokrim is very solemn for having lost her first battle in the tournament and even more so seeing Brent so glum and sad. She won't really talk to anyone much other than R.M. or Tegu. The heartbreak of being useless weighs on her heavily.

Name: Seberin D. (Brent calls him Goober)
Species: Omanyte
Gender: Male
Nature: Careful
Characteristic: Scatters Things often
Ability: Shell Armor: Pokémon with Shell Armor will never be hit by a critical hit.
-Ice Beam
Miscellaneous: Acquired from Brent's brother Brann. Goober is a bit clumsy and is often scatterbrained and skittish. He is shy around new people but can warm up moderately fast if they show no wrong signs. He likes clinging to Brent's arm.


Name: R.M. (or "Rem" for short; long version "R and M")
Species: Quagsire
Gender: Male
Nature: Rash
Characteristic: Somewhat Stubborn
Ability: Water Absorb: Heals one quarter of the user's maximum HP when hit with a Water-type attack. Therefore, the user does not take damage from Water-type moves.
-Muddy Water
Miscellaneous: R.M. did not belong to Brent at first. He was his manager's pokemon who left his original owner in favor to Brent. Before moving to Lochesh, R.M. had a little 3 man gang made up of Brent's old Serperior and Garbodor. But moving to Lochesh, Brent traded his Serperior and had to hide R.M. and the Garbodor in the closest hiding spot he could find: inside his Banette. R.M. is very bossy and loud and very brash. It's obvious he cares for the people he's known for a while (Nokrim, Brent, Clarisse, Brent's Banette, etc.) and is very offputting to the "new" people, somewhat. One thing you will never find him without, is his hat and tie.
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RiptosDarkDragonair Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome dude, I'll read all his info and look through your rounds when I get the chance. :D This looks epic though, great character, I love the designs of him and his Pkmn! :la:
Kiminuria Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
B-But Mightyena!! *Is shot* sorry, sorry XD. I like that scrafty, and I don't like scraftys, but your depiction of it looks really nice x).
V1chy Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I'll add a Mightyena just for you Kimi XD
And thanks! 8D
Kiminuria Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yay :la: (You don't have to I just like to be annoying lol). I just can't believe there's so little amount of mightyenas owoU.
V1chy Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I know right D:. One of the most underused of the pokemon here. :<
Kiminuria Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
And it's canine looking!! What's wrong with you, da?? There was a time you were full of fluffeh wolfes 'n stooff!!
V1chy Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I dun think dA needs more sparklewolves xD
But some nice wolves would be cool right about now
Kiminuria Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
sparklehyenas. Man I shoul've joines with a sparklemightyena with dyed emo hair just for the lulz.

Wolves are awesome, just the internet ruined them a bit with all the sparkleness.
V1chy Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
And they are. But yep, internet once again ruins stuff.
HorrorViewed Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow this is really great man.
Good job ^^
V1chy Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
HorrorViewed Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
welcome I will be having my app up soon ^^
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